Šiaurinės Afrikos ethnicity - top countries
Šiaurinės Afrikos ethnicity is common in the following countries, according to MyHeritage DNA users' data.
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The percentages represent the portion of MyHeritage DNA users with Šiaurinės Afrikos ethnicity in that country.
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Šiaurinės Afrikos ethnicity
Many people from the North African region known as the Maghreb (which encompasses modern-day Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya) trace their roots to the Berbers of antiquity. North Africans share some genetic traits with their Southern European neighbors, though the cultures and religions of the region were affected significantly by Arabization and the rise of Islam after the 6th century CE. Colonization and waves of immigration over the last two centuries have created a large North African diaspora; France is home to nearly 5 million people of North African heritage. One staple dish in particular has brought fame to North African cuisine: couscous.