Mezoamerikietis ir andietis ethnicity - top countries
Mezoamerikietis ir andietis ethnicity is common in the following countries, according to MyHeritage DNA users' data.
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The percentages represent the portion of MyHeritage DNA users with Mezoamerikietis ir andietis ethnicity in that country.
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Mezoamerikietis ir andietis ethnicity
The population of Mesoamerica and South America includes a number of indigenous groups with pre-Columbian roots. These include the Maya peoples of Mesoamerica, and the Quechua, Chibcha, and Aymara peoples of South America. Quechua was the official language of the Inca Empire, the largest empire in pre-Columbian South America, extending through large portions of western South America and headquartered in Cusco, in modern-day Peru. The Inca built extensive road networks throughout the empire, invented high-altitude agriculture methods specialized for the challenging Andes region, and developed highly regulated social structures adhered to by millions of subjects. Ancient Central American civilizations, such as the Mayans and Aztecs, produced many important innovations, such as unique writing systems, pyramid construction, complex mathematical and astronomical observations, early forms of medical surgery, and accurate calendar systems.