My name is Bill Kackmeister and I started this site to trace my families heritage and history using MyHeritage. This is a great system that allows anyone like you and me to create a site for their family, build their family tree and share family photos.  I invite relatives to view my site and gleen any useful information that may help youe trace your family history. Please be aware that this is a work in progress, that my information may be incomplete or even incorrect. Persons with a double asterics indicate "inlaws" and their parents and brothers and sisters are not included.  Also, if you have information that may help in completing my family site, please email me.  I would enjoy working with you. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click to contact me.
Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 17593 names in our family site.
The site was last updated on Grd 11 2018, and it currently has 8 registered member(s). Jeigu norite tapti nariu, spustelėkite here.   Enjoy!

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Grd 06, 2018
William Kackmeister į Family photos albumą įdėjo 2 nuotraukos
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William Kackmeister atnaujino Lavina Whipple , Sarah Whipple (Jenckes) , Martha Whipple (Scott) , Levett Whipple ir 224 asmenų išsamesnę informaciją šeimos medyje Kackmeister - Marlatt Family Tree.
William Kackmeister pridėjo William Chase , Lucetta Chase (Morton) , Mary Jane Chase , Elvina Chase ir 87 asmenis (-ų) į šeimos medį: Kackmeister - Marlatt Family Tree.
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