I am looking for my father
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Feb 16, 2018
In the year of 2000, my mother had a one-nighter with a man, of which she then got pregnant and had me. I have been looking for my father for a long time, and want answers. -That he lived in Tauranga, New Zealand around early July of 2000 and a possible address at either Sixteenth Ave or Kowhai St, Tauranga, NZ. -He has dark skin, dark curly hair and he was quite tall, he didn't know much English either. He would be in his 40s - 50s. -I don't have any names or exact age. -My mothers maiden name was Kelly Galbraith. Her parents are Peter J B Galbraith and Pamela O'Driscoll. She has 3 siblings. -I have NOT got his last name. My last name was changed to my Step-fathers. -I have taken a DNA test, but I can't seem to find anyone who actually would be able to help me, and I have searched for almost 3 years now, I haven't found anything. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it a lot. If you need any other information, please ask and I will answer to the best of my ability. *the picture is my mum
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